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Essential Oils- Custom blend- Make and take with iTOVi
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Make a custom essential oil roller blend from the top 5 essential oils you respond to listed on your iTOVI scan that evening! iTOVI is a device that measures your body’s response to essential oils that may help you to experience a more optimal state. The common technology uses galvanic skin response, similar to a fitness tracker. We’ll cover the basics of using therapeutic grade essential oils, what they are, safety and the three simple ways to use them. Learn the top 10 oils that are resonating with your body at the moment and what they are effective for. Come with questions and ready to have fun! Supplies provided. Melanie is a local Professional Coach and Essential Oil educator who loves to empower people with tools to maximize their potential and live happier, inspired lives.

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7:00 PM
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05/22/2019   7:00PM - 8:30PM HR County Library, 5th & State, Hood River